It was observed that in the internet world Nigeria does not have a lot of contents. Most of what exist is foreign and there is no legislation regulating electronic transactions in Nigeria and estimated the total cyber crime globally at $114bn, about N17.9 trillion.
On the introduction of cash-lite society by CBN, participants identified that the essence of CBN introducing a cash-lite society is to reduce usage of cash in circulation with the use of electronic cash transfer technologies. However participants were quick to add that Nigeria is not yet ready for such electronic cash transactions given the lack of infrastructure and awareness, even with the little infrastructure available for this kind of service. They cited an instance with poor internet access, high cost of access and cyber security were identified as the major obstacles to achieving this feat.
Further, participants however maintained that Nigeria’s Internet Protocol (IP) should be unblocked and further urged government to address the issues of high-cost of Internet access and devices as well as ensuring that all primary, secondary and tertiary institutions have well-equipped computer laboratories fully connected to the Internet.
The Forum further maintains that:
1. There is very minimal awareness of Internet Governance and the anticipated changes in our country as such; there is need for the messages to be sent out and consistently.
3. Nigerians are encouraged to purchase the new generic top domain names (gTLDs)
4. With a broadband plan, access to internet will be more affordable and create the platform for better global competition.
5. Mobile economy is a very welcome development in Nigeria
6. Participants expressed delight over the Chairman, House Committee on ICT for assurance that the National Assembly will pass the bill on electronic transactions and Cyberlaw in general in Nigeria before the end of the legislative session, so as to reaffirm Nigeria’s position in battling cyber crimes.
7. Nigeria DigitalSENSE forum is a recognized platform for discussing ICT and related implementations in Nigeria with special emphasis on security and cyber crime, it creates the platform to assemble and deliberate, educate and proffer solutions on how to make best use of the situation; taking benefit of the available Internet Access, its Diversity, Openness in addressing matters concerning Security and its Governance in Nigeria.
8. Also, Nigerians were urged to adopt the .ng domain names, and should see it as their currency in the cyber space, thus encouraged to use it.
9. That Nigeria should move from the state of consumption to production of contents
10. Youths should not be consumers of social media products but should strive to create such platforms or better ones which has the potential to create gainful and purposeful employment.
11. Participants hailed NCC for accepting to implement the outcome of the 4th Nigeria DigitalSENSE Forum on Internet Governance for Development.
12. Adequate personal security measures should be put in place by individuals to secure their funds and transactions, such as looking out for the appropriate URL, use of tightly secured passwords and regularly changing them, also desist from responding to strange emails requesting for your personal details. Finally people should demand for Short Messaging Service (SMS) alerts from your banks

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