Managing Director, Zeta-Web Nigeria Limied, Mrs. Jumoke Ogunmodede in this chat with DigitalSENSE Business News says as Internet Service Providers (ISP) her team creates solutions for customers based on needs. Excerpts:

What is Zeta-Web family bringing to the table for customers?

SO, in all these, our emphasis is creating value for them. We proud ourselves with the kind of quality of services we give to our clients, because in dealing with all our clients our objective is creating value for them by looking at what is their needs. For some, we actually assist them to create the best of service solution to serve their needs and ensure that the innovative solutions we give them are very reliable. We also know that people appreciate reliable solutions.

We also partner with our clients to make sure we give them the service they require and encouraging support service. Some service providers will give you a solution and collect your money, but we don’t do that. We have customer service that is 24x7 days a week. So, we don’t just leave our customers at the point of service delivery but follow up with them after services, in case they, our clients need additional help or issues hindering their businesses. Our 24hour support line is available to all our clients.

How long has Zeta-Web been around? We have been around for over two years now as a company, although the economy really has been challenging but we are making inroads gradually. Against all odds, I think we are doing well and we have a number of clients who we have worked for over time and often get referals, which tastifies to the kind of quality of service that we give. Give us some insights into the hybrid solutions Zet-Web offers: You know that at this age of technology, everybody is particular about the Internet, so when we give you the Internet service for instance, we give you the solutions. So, the type of solution we give customers basicaly depend on the kind of industry the customer is operating in, but we don’t just give internet service, in fact most doors that we open now comes with solutions of what we can offer the clients, with what we can help them with to make their businesses more efficient.

In offering your internet service, how can Zeta-Web differentiate itself from the rest? We don’t just give internet service, but it comes with a solution.

A law firm for instance; what is the need of a law firm? Some of them like I said earlier, we make them realise there are more efficient ways of this service and the Internet. Schools for instance, most assignments nowadays are done online. So it is easlier for students and the teachers as well as the parents to monitor what their wards are doing at school and how they are faring. Parents who pay the school fees can monitor the homework from wherever they may be.

Using Lagos, for instance, and knowing how traffic is here; some parents may leave so early and come back too late, hence they cannot monitor what their children are doing, but with the kind of solution we offer they can monitor their children based on the kind of seamless connection that we give. Most parents are not interested in you as a school collecting their money, but would like to see the value, so we make it easier for parents to make payments to most of these schools through our billing platform and they can get their receipts online realtime.


The platform also sends a kind of reminder from certain period to parents to alert them that their bills are due for so and so time. We also have something for clients who own their own services to offer for those they bill from time to time and to enable them keep a tab on the business; when the contract will expire, how much they owe ecetra.

Are you saying that your clients only pay for what they use? Yes, our clients pay only for what they use.They can also decide on monthly, quarterly billing ecetra. It is that flexible, but what is not flexible is weekly billing.

Tell us about hybrid solution by Zeta-Web? We don’t have one side fits all solution, but different solutions for different needs. The internet is no longer I just want to access the Internet, I want much more. I want more things to be done with my access. We can also structure some solutions based on your budget and expectations, we also analyse and explain what we think should be the kind of solution you need to boost your business.

Over time, we learnt that most clients do not even understand what their needs are, but we try to help them answer this question and then provide the relevant solutions once we put all these together, then we can propose a service plan or solution to the client. So, we try to make every customer unique on their own. Yes, we want our customers money, but that is not our sole interest because we value their relationship. You know you must start a relationship from somewhere and grow along the way. So its not all about their money and when you said cloud service, everything now is so ambigious, so huge

What are the challenges your company is facing and could be better by government intervention? At times when I look at our infrastructure and if you look at schools, especially the public schools, its disheartening because the disparity is widening. In some places the infrastructure I would appreciate, someone out there may not appreciate. They don’t appreciae certain things without knowing that what they do not apprciate may be relevant for people at other side. And for the Internet industry, when we talk about infrastructure, we talk about cable, fibre optics and all they want to hear is that they have internet access. When you are now talking to them, saying that fibre is different from VSAT etc, though technologies are converging, yet they do not understand, but all they know is ok, ‘I want access to the Internet.’ So, government has to do more to make sure these infrastructures are available and more affordable. The gap is really widening. Also, in terms of power, we need government intervention and we hope the government is listening and should be able to do something. In terms of overhead caused by lack of constant electricity power, everyone is expecting a better power supply in the country with the new minister, especially for the small scale industries. The way things are now, everyone want to cut cost. And when people are cutting cost, Internet is one of the things on the first line and for us at Zeta-Web, we insist on creating value, so at least when you are cutting cost, you must remember that the Internet has gone beyond mere having access, considering that we also provide value for the money and solution along the way that makes my job easier and that is why I said we partner with our customers to make life easier. Though the government is putting consious efforts but they can still do much more. Government along cannot do this or make things work generally, so I employ all Nigerians to support the government by being interested in what the government is doing and be part of the change. We are hopeful with the new government that things will definitely turn around.

What is your advice to women working in the ICT sector? There is one report that says more men are in the sector and you can rarely see women occuping the position you are in today.

What are your take on these? My advice is that you keep on doing what you are doing and make sure you are doing it very well. Time is actually an issue for most women by trying to balance the home front and office challenges. Usually it is difficult and depending and considering effort to balance the equation and where it has been said at onset it’s a man’s world, women are already disadvantaged, but keep doing what you knows how to do best.

At the beginning it was not easy for me and with dedication and consideration with the kind of people you work with, you will get there. Basically, you do not have to seat within the four walls of this office to perform due to technology which has made things a little easier or to actually deliver. You can work from anywhere but show what you have because that is what people can value. So when you are given an opportunity, grab it with two hands and show, yes, I can do this. So, do what you can do, the work will speak for itself. Thank you for your time welcome.


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